Boston Marathon

Waiting list open.

Boston Marathon is known for having to qualify with fast times and is extremely difficult to enter, however as an official travel agency we have access to a limited number of GUARANTEED ENTRY in conjunction with  travel package for South African runners.

Visas – South African passport holders require a visa to enter U.S.A. All other nationalities to please check. Entry requirements and procedures can be viewed on We strongly recommend you secure a visa before booking a trip to USA. If unsure please ask and we will guide you but advice and assistance can only be a guideline as we do not have access to your personal history and passport/visa history.


Date: 17 April 2023

Location: United States of America

Pricing: T.B.A

Pre qualifying not necessary
Time limit to finish the marathon is 6 hours

The Boston Marathon is one of the top six world marathons that form the World Marathon Majors competition. The Marathon route from Hopkinton to Boston has been around as long as the modern Olympics. The start – in the quaint suburban town of Hopkinton with its white weather board houses is sharply downhill. It remains like that until around 25 kms when you reach the three tough climbs that culminate in Heart Break Hill. After which it is more or less downhill until the finish in the heart of Boston.

Qualified runners will be assigned a bib number based on verification of time submitted. All non-qualified runners will be seeded behind the qualified runners.


Demand for this race usually far exceeds our allocation of places and we do not open Boston Marathon packages for general sale but open up a waiting list instead.

Please contact us should you wish to add your name to our waiting list.