Travel Insurance

Do not travel with insufficient travel insurance.  Please ask your travel professional for a quotation.Travel Insurance for Medical and Cancellation is an essential part of every travellers trip and needs to be factored in. With some of our packages travel insurance has been included but with others it is an optional extra.Credit cards do have a cover but you need to check if it is adequate and if it covers you for the event, each bank is different (ask them for a policy wording) and the cover is not always adequate. Because of the FAIS law we cannot advise you further than this but we can offer a choice of Travel Insurance options, perfectly tailored to your individual needs. Please contact us for more details or refer to the individual package details and FAQ for more information and premiums.

Travel Visas

Machine Readable Passports are required for each traveller and need to be valid for more than 6 months after your return. If you are a South African citizen and hold a foreign passport, should you wish to travel using your foreign passport, you are also required to travel with your valid South African passport.  If you are a foreign citizen with permanent residency in South Africa you are required to travel with your original permanent residence letter from home affairs.

If you are a minor, who has not yet reached your 19th birthday, you are required to travel with your original or certified (within 3 months of travel) copy of your unabridged birth certificate.  If you are travelling with one parent you need to hold and affidavit from the other parent giving you permission to travel with just the one parent.  If you are travelling with no parent, then you need an affidavit from both parents giving you permission to travel without them.

The onus remains with the traveller to ensure they have the correct travel documents, including but not limited to, passport, visa and inoculations for the country(s) they intend to visit. If unsure please ask and we will guide you but advice and assistance can only be a guideline as we do not have access to your personal history and passport/visa history. Sure Travelways / Penthouse Travel Sporting Tours cannot be held responsible if travellers obtain incorrect information and do not have the correct personal documents to travel. All other nationalities need to please check their requirements.

Car Hire

Please contact us for more information and the best rates.

Foreign Exchange

We have favourable VIP exchange rates with American Express which will allow you more foreign currency for your rand! To take advantage of these low exchange rates please take the voucher to your nearest American Express branch or contact us for an order form. An appointment can be arranged for delivery to you at your place of work or you can stipulate when and from which branch you would like to collect.